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How Do We Know if We’ve Lost Our Health?

Many people share with me, during their initial consultation, that they are not sure whether they would be considered unhealthy. They saw an advertisement or attended a webinar and decided to take a small step forward and have a conversation. They don’t really feel...

How Do We Heal?

And is it possible? That is the big question facing our country. As individuals, we seek to heal when we are ill. And understandably so. Experiencing illness is typically uncomfortable in both the physical and emotional realms. In the body hidden toxins, food...
A Little Confession

A Little Confession

It was late summer in 2001 when things started to get bad. That was the first time my knee swelled up, enough to keep me bedridden for a couple of weeks. Looking back now, I can see the signs and symptoms were there for years before that. I was never sick as a kid so,...
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