Setting the Destination

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by Gene Clerkin, DC

Whether we’re trying to improve our health, our relationships, or our finances, part of a wellness or holistic approach is paying attention to our mind set. While the biochemistry, the toxicity, the gut health, and the hormones are all part of the puzzle, mindset is usually the make or break of our success. That’s because mindset is the key to making and sustaining the healthy lifestyle choices required to restore and maintain our health.

Making changes is a challenge for most of us. The most important first step we can take is to set our destination. Where am I now? Do I like this experience? Am I seeking something better? What would that look like?

When it comes to health, our goals typically include feeling better – a reduction in symptoms. And who can blame anyone for wanting to feel better? But setting a destination is more than what we are trying to get away from.

The Destination is About Where We Are Going

It’s kind of like the GPS in your car or on your phone. You must first enter your destination. Then it can map out a path for you to follow.

When I was 16 years old, as a novice skier, I found myself navigating a double diamond trail with icy, Volkswagen sized moguls. For those who don’t ski, double diamond is the steepest, most difficult trail and moguls are piles of snow and ice that skiers must navigate. At the top of each mogul, I stop and look down, determine the easiest way down the 5-foot drop to the next landing, and tentatively and awkwardly scrape down to the next obstacle. Another icy, Volkswagen sized mogul. The truth is, I was a little scared. It didn’t take me too long to realize that I was never going to make it down the mountain at this pace, mogul by mogul, obstacle by obstacle.

What now? Are there any rescue people in sight? No. I’m contemplating taking my skies off and hiking it back up the hill to the lift. Another idea strikes. Instead of focusing on each mogul, or obstacle in front of me, focus my attention on the ridge, 5 or 6 moguls down the hill. In doing this, I can navigate these moguls in way I never could before. Instantly, I become a better skier, by simply focusing my attention on my destination.


I have found this principle to be true is all aspects of life. Whatever I focus upon in life seems to expand. Focus on my challenges, they seem more difficult to transcend. Stay focused on my destination, the obstacles seem to fall away.

When it comes to setting our goals, it’s important to look beyond just what we are seeking to avoid. That is what we are trying to get away from. But where are we going?

When it comes to health, the question I always ask is, “if you solved your challenges and your symptoms went away, what would be different about your life”? If you had more energy, would you participate more in the things that you enjoy? What are your hobbies? If you had less pain, would you get more accomplished? What would that look like? Would you travel and if so, where would you go? Would you have more confidence, and what would that look like? Would it open some new doors for you?

In the end, it is how we live, participate in, and experience our lives that matters. The more specific and detailed we are about our destination, the more likely we will reach it.

The Gift

Once you reach your destination you realize, “I’m not the same person I was when I began this journey. I’ve grown. I’ve learned how to protect my health. I fell down. I got up. I persevered. I have new perspectives and new strategies. I’ve developed sustainable positive lifestyle habits.”

“I feel good. And I’m never going back!”

And it is this new version of yourself that will champion and protect your health, so that you can continue to set and achieve your future health and life goals.

The real gift in setting the destination is who you must become to get there.

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