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“Before I felt miserable, I was tired all the time. I couldn’t lose weight and I was cranky. I couldn’t sleep. I went to my PCP and they told me it could be thyroid. However, after doing blood work they couldn’t find anything. After finding a lump on my thyroid the doctors again said everything was in normal range, but I felt off. After going through the program and MNH I feel like a whole new person. I have energy and I’m sleeping the best I’ve ever slept. I’ve lost weight and still have energy after leaving the gym! The swelling in my neck, from my goiters, has gone down significantly. On hard days I feel like I can get through it with a clear head. My mind is clear and I feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt. The whole team at MNH has been amazing. They listen and really care about how you are doing. The help they’ve given me has been so profound that I’ve brought my children in to get them started on a healthy lifestyle. This was the best leap of faith I’ve ever taken when it comes to mine and my children’s health.”

B. Twardosky

“I was tired, overweight, and not sleeping well. I had a lack of energy and was unable to keep up with my grandkids. I knew there were problems, but I didn’t know where to start. Now I have more energy and less inflammation in my body! I eat better, am more active, and sleep better, too. I was stuck and have become “unstuck.” I look forward to better health as I continue!”

K. Cote

“I was sluggish, bloated, and suffered from joint pain, hair loss, sinus, skin, and digestive issues. Monadnock Natural Health has helped with educational support to learn how to listen and help your body while regaining regular bowel movements! I have also lost 40lbs. The care and support received at MNH is top-notch. Everyone is invested in you to support your individual health goals. At all times, I feel heard. No question or concern is dismissed. Not only has my health improved tremendously, but I have more knowledge to continue to make great health choices and continue my health journey. VERY GRATEFUL!!”

J. Tyler

“I felt yucky, irritable, bloated, fat, with twisted intestines. I suffered from headaches and sinus issues. My intestines no longer feel twisted and I no longer have that sick feeling. Bowels and tiredness are better. I am less foggy and my sinuses are improving. This program has definitely helped and you should give it a try.”

G. MacLean

“Immune system challenges were a regular part of my life as were regular recurring urinary tract and ear infections. Constipation and daily heartburn were the norm, as well. The urinary trac and ear infections are totally gone. Constipation and heartburn are rare occurrences and I’m enjoying some new foods and movement experiences as a result. I’ve lost 25 pounds which has me back to a familiar size that I feel very comfortable with. My cholesterol in now the best it’s ever been. My energy level has increase and I’m looking forward to continuing to incorporate all that I’ve learned that will help me have a rich and full life as a vibrant senior citizen.”

K. Abbott

“I was feeling overweight and tired. I had a lot of joint pain, which kept me from doing exercises and hiking/biking. I struggled with my weight, and I was not happy about my health. I was on medication for an enlarged prostate and had high blood pressure. Since starting with Monadnock Natural Health, I have lost 22 pounds and I feel great about my weight and fitness level for the first time in my life. My joint pain is gone, and I am riding my bike at a higher level. This experience has by life changing. I am off the medication and my blood pressure is down.”

B. Heller

“I felt unhealthy and was experiencing inflammation, pain in the legs, fatigue, sleep issues, anxiety, heart palpitations, brain fog, and stress. MNH has changed my life for the better, feel rested, my brain is clear, and I know longer feel as stressed as I once did. No more heart palpitations. I basically feel like I’m a new person. The care I received at MNH was professional and was delivered with compassion. Dr. Clerkin, Jandee, and Melissa, are supportive, compassionate, and confident. I am grateful to have completed my program and continue to maintain my health. I will stress to others that this is a life-changing program. You need to be willing to commit to yourself to do what it takes to be the healthier you that you all want to be.”

L. DeBartolomao

“Before I started this program, I was very tired all the time. I slept all night but woke up exhausted. It was very hard to concentrate during the day. I had a lot of joint pain, and pain in all my bones. My knee was swollen and sore and walking upstairs was very difficult. I had constant stomach pain. Even though I was a trained weight loss coach, and taught a solid program, I was unable to lose weight. I noticed changes 2-3 weeks into the program. My stomach and joint pain went away. I sleep better and my cravings have stopped. The staff at Monadnock Natural Health is great! Jandee, Ashely, Melissa, and Dr. Clerkin have been respectful, friendly, helpful, and professional. It is almost like going to see your family, they know you by name and have an easy-going pleasant personality. They make a great team! I highly recommend this program.”

D. Brunke

“I have tried hundreds of different programs and products to just “feel better.” …Dr. Gene’s program is hands down the best and most effective program I have ever done. Do yourself a favor. If you don’t feel like you know you should be feeling and maybe you have tried “everything else” – do this one – it will be the best decision of your life. I am into my sixth month and now I am on the maintenance program and feeling better than ever!”

N. Apedoe

Dr. Gene was able to perform an assessment on me and identified areas that need strengthening – that was very helpful. I believe in the work that is being done.

M. Haynes

I feel great! The pain has gone and I have vitality to get up and go. The program has made a wonderful difference in my life. I highly recommend it!

S. Grable

I was struggling with losing weight. The cleanse provided great momentum in losing weight. And it’s staying off. I lost 35 pounds and feel great.

D. Roussaw

I was in poor health with type 2 diabetes. I felt tired all the time. My health has improved and my A1C is in the normal range. I feel a lot better and I am almost off all my medications.

L. Hanson

“Thank you for the excellent care I’ve received from all of you. I’m so thankful to have my health restored! It’s beautiful to see people using their God-given skills to help others. It’s made such a difference in my life.

Thank you!”

H. Raudonis

“I was sluggish, overweight, and tired when I start my journey here. Now, I have more energy and have lost 15 pounds. I feel like I have the tools and knowledge of how our bodies are supposed to work and how to help accomplish optimal health. Everyone has been very helpful and understanding. They did an excellent job at explaining how the body works and how to eat the right things to help our lives be what they should be.”

B. Sattler

“I had a lot of arthritis pain in my hands, hips, knees, and feet. I also had tinnitus and bowel movement problems that went from constipation to diarrhea. Through the program my aching joints have decreased dramatically. I now have normal bowel movements most of the time and I am feeling heathier overall. The care here is fabulous. They listen to your needs and adjust support as required.”

B. Hopkins

“I was suffering from chronic fatigue, nervousness, weight issues, and emptiness. I was lost, with no energy and I couldn’t sleep. I feel more balanced. I’ve lost 10 pounds and feel more secure. The staff is always available and very supportive.”

W. Abbott

“My digestive system was always upset, bloating, inconsistent bowel movements, muscle and joint achiness and low energy. My hormones were all over the place and I was experiencing a lot of hot flashes. Since starting the program, I have lost 25 pounds, don’t have joint or muscle pain. I have normal bowel movements every day and no bloating. My energy level has increased, and I have a huge awareness on how foods effect my body. I don’t have cravings and highs and low’s during the day. I was nervous at first, but they made me feel comfortable and explained the testing and how it works. The staff has always been very receptive to answering any questions or concerns I have. I am not on any medications and have great energy. I feel better overall!!”

J. Karras

“When I started the program, I was very weak and chronically ill, somewhat despairing that I’d never have a decent quality of life. With Monadnock Natural Health, I feel cared for and expertly supported in my journey toward health, and I’ve come such a long way towards feeling well more often than not. I have so much more hope, energy and vitality than when I came in- a huge turn around. This practice has given me my life back and I’m so grateful. I would recommend Jandee and Dr. Gene to anyone with mysterious symptoms that haven’t been resolved.”

Gail S.

“I was looking for an answer to help me with my constant heartburn, weight gain and coughing. Monadnock Natural Health has been a life saver for me. I no longer have heartburn or coughing. My weight has gone down and I feel great. I would highly recommend Monadnock Natural Health to anyone looking for help. They are amazing and work with you at a personal level.”

Gail S.

I find the staff at the Monadnock Natural Health Health to be warm, friendly, extremely caring, very professional and the entire experience is wonderful! I totally recommend Dr. Gene and his staff.

M. Lee

I was not resting well. My hair was shedding. I felt washed out and my energy was low. After four months my hair stopped shedding and I have more energy.

A. Kessler

If you care about yourself and want to be the BEST you, you will get good support and validation here…I’ve become more confident in my intuition and therefore less concerned about other’s judgments…

L. Lewis

Little did I know that when I walked into Dr. Gene’s office three years ago that such profound changes would happen in my life.

Mena M

I’ve lost weight and I have no digestion problems. I have more energy, no colds, my immune system is better, and my blood pressure is down.

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