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By Dr. Gene Clerkin

More than ever, people are seeking out wellness-based practices to improve, restore and protect their health. They realize that they want more than symptom management through regular pharmaceutical use. Without quite knowing exactly what it is yet, they’re probably seeking a functional wellness approach.

That’s where it gets a little tricky. What to do?

Many start with the obvious. Try to eat better and get some exercise. Some take supplements or see a practitioner – perhaps a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or naturopath. Some have great results, and some see limited improvement.

It is these people, that have tried to do some good things… to do the right thing, when it comes to improving their health, but they just can’t seem to get over the hump.

And then, by referral or internet search, they find us and call or email. “What do you do?” is often amongst the first questions they have. The underlying questions: How is this going to be different and better than what I’ve previously tried? Will it work?

From what I’ve seen in offices across the country, the most successful wellness programs have some common characteristics.

They typically have a wholistic viewpoint. This does not mean crystals and incents; it means stepping back and taking a big picture approach. A mechanistic approach addresses the body as separate parts. A wholistic approach encompasses the harmonious function of those parts, while also considering lifestyle and environmental factors.

They typically use safe and natural homeopathic, herbal, whole food supplements, and other modalities that help rehabilitate, tone, and heal the body without the harmful side effects of medications.

They address root causes of disease – toxicity, nutritional imbalances, immune system issues & inflammation.

Finally, they have a game plane or a blueprint that yields consistent results.

In our office, we offer functional wellness programs.

A functional approach begins by going upstream to determine root causes of health challenges. This functional analysis is performed through health history, physical exam and labs if needed. Understanding the clinical picture helps determine nutritional guidance and recommendations. A functional wellness program incorporates healthy lifestyle education and mentoring as an integral part of improving health and creating long-term health independence. This little formula sees consistent success.

There is one little catch. To achieve success using this type of approach, participants must be willing to practice healthy lifestyle habits. 😊

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