A Functional Wellness Perspective

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Based on what I do, and the conversations that I have every day, I tend to see life through the lens of functional wellness.

While I was watching the hockey playoffs a few weeks ago, a commercial for Walgreen’s came on. An elderly gentleman dropped his pill box and he didn’t know what the red pills were for, or what the blue pill were for, or the yellow. He called Walgreen’s and the nice pharmacist on the telephone helped him sort it all out, what to take and when.

That’s a really good thing and a great service for them to provide, although I imagine any pharmacist would do the same. But what spoke to me in this commercial is that gentleman had no idea what he was putting into his body. He was just following directions from his doctor’s prescription. From my experience, this is common in our culture. We give the responsibility of our health to the doctor.

I can think of sometimes where I might want to do that. I’m in a crisis situation and in danger of losing my life if something isn’t done immediately. “Doc, my life is in your hands”!

But most of the time and most of the medications being given and taken are to manage chronic lifestyle and environmentally caused conditions.

There are many reasons why our current “healthcare” system isn’t working, not the least of which is the focus being on disease and symptom management verses a root cause, wellness approach that understands the importance of nutrition and handling environmental and lifestyle factors.

But there is a revolution occurring right now. People are seeking a different approach. I’ve had more people call me and ask about root cause in the last year, than in my previous 29 years of practice. They are looking for a functional and proactive approach. They’re seeking wellness.

Part of a functional wellness approach means taking responsibility for our own health. Even if we choose to take a medication, we know what it’s for and we understand the risks and benefits, so we can make the best decision.

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