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Fighting Fall Allergies?

Once again we are heading into that beautiful time of year...autumn. For many, the fall season is also a miserable time of allergies, with sneezing, wheezing, runny noses and itchy eyes… or not. Did you ever wonder why some people have allergies and some don't? Or, as...

Finding The One Doctor That Can Help Me

In a recent conversation I was paid a great compliment by one of my clients. Let’s call her Lisa. She wasn’t feeling well but I was unable to see her in the office. She was a bit upset and later explained why. Before finding me a couple of years ago she searched far...

A Holistic Diagnosis of Health Problems

 Many patients come to the Center for Holistic Health after they have tried traditional medical treatment, only to find out that their underlying condition remains. They begin to realize that the side effects of the medications are as bad, if not worse than the...

The Best Holistic Approach

 Most practitioners that I’ve met over the years think that whatever it is they do is the best. I do too. We all do. Otherwise we would probably do something else. We have our personal testimonials and our research studies and our customized explanation of why our...

The Stress of Change

It has been said many times over that change is inevitable. Change is one of life’s great quandaries. On one hand we like and even need change. On the other hand, we tend to resist it, even when it’s a good thing. Of course resisting something that’s inevitable means...


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