The Best Way to Prevent Breast Cancer

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The other day I heard a radio commercial for a breast cancer screening facility. The spokesperson made a particular claim that immediately stood out to me.

“Early screening is the best way to prevent breast cancer.”


Let me get this strait. The best way to prevent breast cancer is to wait until you have it and then, once it’s been discovered, you can begin treatment.

It is annoys me to think that the average public will buy into this flawed logic. It’s the same illogical ideology that is the basis for our mainstream medical healthcare system.

Here’s how it goes;

First, we poison our environment and ourselves. Then, we wait for our body to become sick enough so that early diagnostic screening can determine our diagnosis. Then we inject or ingest chemicals into our body designed to reduce our symptoms. Meanwhile we raise money in hopes of a pharmaceutical “cure” to countless diseases, all the while continuing to ignore the real problems – stress, toxicity and lack of adequate nutrition.

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. My advice to anyone concerned about breast cancer or other health problems is this; work on building a strong and healthy body. I recommend Nutrition Response Testing as the most proficient and reliable way to detoxify and nutritionally fortify your body. I also recommend Network Spinal Analysis as the most amazing bodywork I’ve ever experienced, with too many benefits to list. Add some healthy lifestyle choices and you’ve got a far better plan to ensure health than hopes of an early diagnosis.


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