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In all of life, the ability to thrive is dependent upon the ability to adapt. The ability to change. As human beings we are bound to this axiom as well. However, as you may have experienced, making changes is not always easy.

When it comes to making changes most of us have had the experience of an effortless endeavor. Everything just seemed to go right. Most of us have also had the experience of nothing going right. We cannot seem to get out of our own way.

Is it just a matter of luck?

There are hidden forces that drive our patterns and can influence our ability to change. If we can observe our patterns and understand why we are struggling, we have an opportunity to use a different strategy.

The Science of Change workshop is designed to help you figure out your personal formula for change. Free for current practice members of Monadnock Natural Health and $25 for those who are not yet. Call 603-852-4706 to register.

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