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Stress. Everybody’s got it.

Emotional, or psychological stress occurs when our minds become stuck replaying a past traumatic event or imagining an unpleasant future. The body thinks this movie playing in the mind is real, and shifts into stress physiology.  Resources are diverted toward survival and away from healing.

This can lead to nutritional deficiency, inflammation, and hormone imbalances. These are the precursors to chronic health conditions like autoimmune, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Not to mention ruining our quality-of-life perception.

We need strategies to let go of the old stress and adapt to present and future stresses.

In the Connecting to the Body self-care knowledge-shop we’ll share 3 easy to learn but extremely effective strategies to help:

Release tension and stress
Release old emotional patterns
Decrease pain
Increase flexibility & circulation
Improve emotional wellness

This virtual workshop is available to practice members who are currently enrolled or have graduated from one of our wellness programs. For more details and to register, give us a call in the office at 603-852-4706.

*It’s best to attend with a partner or friend to practice each strategy with

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