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There are three main components that create our experience of life; the mind, the body, and the spirit. Living life to the fullest means achieving a balance in these three areas that allow us to express who we are and appreciate all that we experience. When one or more of these areas is neglected or suffers, we experience this as mental dissonance, emotional pain, or physical unease. We feel off purpose, discontent, ungrateful, and so on. When a wheel is not round, it rolls unevenly. It feels bumpy and makes for an uncomfortable ride. Likewise, when our life is balanced, we have similar jarring feelings that may manifest as anger towards our family, dissatisfaction in my career, lack of purpose or legacy.

Living a happy, fulfilling life requires that we identify what actions will help us develop health in each of these components. Then, as we work on self-development, we strive strive to maintain balance within these main components to become an overall healthy, happy person.

Join us for this virtual Knowledgeshop and we’ll guide you through creating your balance wheel and setting up the action steps to smoothing out the bumps and creating your healthiest and happiest life.

Free for current practice members of Monadnock Natural Health and $25 for those who are not yet. Call the office at 603-852-4706 to register.

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