Tune in to this inspiring webinar by Monadnock Natural Health ​to learn about how functional wellness gets to the root of the problem. If you’re sick of just putting band-aids on big problems and are looking for a completely different approach to health… this is it.   The lecture will focus on HORMONES, BRAIN FOG, EXHAUSTION, and […]

  🌿 DATE: April 25, 2024 🌿 ARRIVAL TIME: 5:30 PM 🌿 LOCATION: Luca’s Mediterranean Café – 10 Central Square  |  Keene NH  03431   The free seminar will focus on natural solutions to HORMONAL IMBALANCES + INFLAMMATION.  Come learn about a holistic approach to hormones, stress and fatigue from Monadnock Natural Health.   If you […]

  Kinesiology has been such an amazing tool for our family. Especially when it comes to the kids. One day, I said to my wife Castine, “Everyone should know how to do this.” It quickly occurred to me that I could easily teach the members of our practice how to do it. To that end, […]

  Stress. Everybody’s got it. Emotional, or psychological stress occurs when our minds become stuck replaying a past traumatic event or imagining an unpleasant future. The body thinks this movie playing in the mind is real, and shifts into stress physiology.  Resources are diverted toward survival and away from healing. This can lead to nutritional […]

  There are three main components that create our experience of life; the mind, the body, and the spirit. Living life to the fullest means achieving a balance in these three areas that allow us to express who we are and appreciate all that we experience. When one or more of these areas is neglected […]

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