Why People Choose Alternative Health Care

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In exploring the 5 Keys to Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle, we spoke last time about the pitfalls of navigating health information via the internet. It’s clear that depending on information and inductive reasoning alone, without another key ingredient, does not ensure the desired end result of better health.

This is where the use of deductive reasoning comes in. Opposite the information gathering of inductive thought, deductive reasoning creates logical conclusions based on a major premise. A major premise is concept that you as an individual hold to be true.

For example, if you believed that the planet, with all of its ecosystems, worked in an organized or intelligent manner, you would share that major premise with many natural health providers like me. You could then use that major premise to come up with logical conclusions regarding your health. In matters of health we tend to believe that the human body, as part of this intelligent ecosystem, is itself an intelligently functioning entity that naturally expresses health if unimpeded. And that if we can remove barriers like stress and toxicity and make sure it has the nutrients it needs, it can do the healing for itself.

Those who do not follow this major premise are more likely to be Symptomists, or those who prescribe to the idea that health care is about reducing symptoms. This is the predominant thought process in our current health care model. People who seek alternative health care have come to some degree of realization that this approach is failing.

By assigning our symptoms fancy names like diabetes, migraines, fibromayalgia, Crohne’s or IBS we turn them into an entity rather than a process. They become the enemy rather than the solution.

Summed up by Dr. Donald Epstein, “Every symptom is a manifestation of wellness.” The symptom is not what’s wrong, but rather the body’s attempt to adapt and thrive. The discomfort associated with most symptoms is a signal for us that something needs to change. The proverbial hand on the hot stove.

This is not to say that deductive reasoning alone is the answer. However, this type of reasoning does lead one to ask the question, “Does this information make sense?” Tune in next time for the answer…


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