Understanding the Science Behind Change


I was listening to a podcast the other day and a commercial came on that said, “48% of people want to improve their health in the new year”. If that’s true, it means about half of you out there want to do that.

But most people I talk with don’t like making New Years resolutions. And that’s probably because most of the time, we fail. We never quite get off the ground or, they don’t stick. We land up feeling like failures. So rather than stating our intent to be resolute, we come up with a different name that will take the pressure off. Bottom line, we all want to do better, be better grow, and experience a better life. But that takes change. And that’s the hard part.

Most people don’t realize that there are hidden forces or tendencies that can make change more difficult and sometimes impossible.

So, what is it that shapes change? What are the aspects of change?

Structure, perception and behavior.

Structure is our schedules, calendars and lists. Perception is how we feel about or perceive things. And behavior represents the action of change. Applying these is the right order – your own personal formula – is the key.

If this sounds interesting, then I invite you  to join our “Science of Change” webinar.

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