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In my last blog post I wrote about the role of awareness in creating health and overcoming the Symptomism of our culture. After realizing that there is a problem, we must change our focus from symptom suppression to investigating the underlying causes. Simply put, if we don’t know what caused a problem, it is unlikely that we can resolve it.

While this logic would, of course, apply to all life situations, we’ll focus on physical health.

In our office we regularly hold workshops and give information about proper nutrition, finding sources of health destroying toxicities and how to effectively thrive in the presence of stress. I know patients are on the right track when they come to me with new information about things that effect health. The truth is, thanks to modern technology, most of this information is right at our fingertips via the internet.

I’ll admit the potential pitfall here is that different sources can, and frequently do, give conflicting information. I’ve seen this lead to uncertainty and inaction in individuals trying to regain their health. As we move into the wisdom part of the A.W.A.R.E. formula, I’ll talk about how to overcome this obstacle.

In the meantime, here’s a little hint; you can trace almost all chronic health problems back to one thing. Something has overstressed the body in its ability to express full and glowing health. Ingesting, breathing in and soaking in of toxic poisons could certainly cause enough stress to have a negative effect on the proper function of a human being. So could an insufficiency in one’s dietary nutrition. The body’s need for very particular nutrients is indisputable. Mental emotional stress can be both a causative and exacerbating factor in any and all disease processes.

And you know what? We find that in most cases, it’s all of them. See you next time!


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