The Stress of Change

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It has been said many times over that change is inevitable.

Change is one of life’s great quandaries. On one hand we like and even need change. On the other hand, we tend to resist it, even when it’s a good thing. Of course resisting something that’s inevitable means stress. And stress leads to a loss in health and life enjoyment.

Since change is inevitable, the simple solution is to learn to adapt to it more effectively. In order to do that we probably need to ask the question, “Why do we resist change?”

One of our basic needs is safety.

It’s totally natural for us to seek the comfort of knowing what’s going to happen. We want to know that we’ll have a bed to sleep in and food to eat. But sometimes this desire can become a fear of loss, causing us to hold onto situations that no longer serve us. One example most people can relate to is relationships.

It’s very common for people to stay in dysfunctional relationships because they fear losing whatever love they do receive from them. Fear of loss is one of the main reasons change can be stressful. How do we overcome that fear and embrace life’s inevitable changes?

If we can agree that change is inevitable then adaptation is the key to not only surviving, but thriving in the world. This is true of any species on the planet, as well as in our everyday lives. Tune in next time and we’ll explore the concept of adaptation and how to apply it to our lives.



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