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My wardrobe was in dire need of revamping, Gretchen said. And Gretchen should know. Gretchen, keen student of such male fashion foibles as threadbare clothes, offered to be my personal shopper for a day. Admittedly, I needed help, and took the opportunity to have a semi-professional guide me through the fashion jungle.
Some three hundred and change later, I was a new man, a renewed person, with my very own fashion consultant and a designer storebag to boot. Then, as I looked around I noticed no shortage of people walking about with little designer bags, just like me. And I couldn’t help but wonder if these same people willing to spend three hundred plus on their wardrobe in order to feel good, would be willing to spend the same on their health to feel even better.
We want to look good to ourselves and others. And why not? But what is it that we derive from looking good? We spend a tremendous amount of energy, which we hope to get back, on our physical appearance. Expensive cars, designer clothes, jewelry, hair styling, plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry ultimately serve one purpose. We want to feel good about ourselves. We need to feel good about ourselves. And if those don’t do the trick, there’s always medication. Or shopping. Years ago, my wife at the time was a Mary Kay consultant. I remember hearing in those circles that when the economy went down, alcohol and cosmetic sales went up – a testament to economic resiliency of the business. I assume the same holds true for Prozac.

All of these things are what I call, outside-in solutions. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But why not go directly to the source? In other words, start from the inside, out.

No surprise that in my nutritional consultancy, weight loss is one of the most popular services. Clients feel enormously better about themselves when they shed the pounds & inches. However, In order to maintain a healthy weight they must behave differently than they did to gain the weight in the first place. If not they will experience an unwavering weight loss battle, with the only thing getting relentlessly lighter their wallets.

There is something perhaps as, if not more, important than our superficial appearance. Have you ever noticed how attractive someone is when they are expressing a genuine, heartfelt smile? It is unmistakable how good they’re feeling about themselves and, on top of that, it’s contagious. Verve, “lifeforce,” is viral. For that reason of its lovely contagion, the smile, outward as it is, is more than mere physical appearance. It is the only thing any of us ever wear ourselves which actually improves the physical appearance of others. And not many of us turn down the chance to be better looking. Though many, as we know, will clearly opt out of the chance to own a genuine healthfelt smile. How we feel on the inside affects how we look on the outside. If our general perception is the common one of mere survival, we wear and project that look to others. However, give us health and you change our self-perception. And once we have that healthy self-perception, we exude charisma– the special virtue that confers on the person holding it an unusual ability for leadership, worthiness and influence upon others. The almost tangible stuff that helps us achieve our very tangible goals and relationships. So, look in the mirror. Even how you feel, right where you sit, is reflection enough. If your body is starting to feel worn on the inside, it’s happening on the outside too. Forty quadrillion cells. That’s what we’re made of. And even with the cushion of that many zeros, trust me, you don’t have them to lose. To put it bluntly, emotional stress, eco-toxins and insufficient nutrition leads to the damage and wholesale death of those cells. It’s what causes us to age prematurely, on the inside and out. The good news is that this is reversible. Very doable. I know: I do it.

At the risk of some arrogance, I really can’t help but view the Center for Holistic Health as nothing less than a fitting room for that sort of life force, one in which you get to try on your new self. Programs tailor-made and measured to, with science behind it and beauty ahead. And, god, but how I love this work. At the mall that day with Gretchen, bless her heart, I couldn’t help but think that the money I spent could cover about three turnaround months of nutritional guidance at my office. I just don’t give you a designer tote.

It’s not lacquer or polish, but I have clients who love the fact that I offer a supplement that contributes to obviously healthier skin, hair and nails. And what mascara can compete with truly bright eyes? Foundation anyone? Vibrancy? Nothing like the one your skin wears from within. What finer cosmetic. There’s no higher fashion than a birthday suit that fits you. Sheer health is clothing you don’t drop on the floor exhausted when you get home. It’s ready when you are, and you’re always ready. So, if you’re ready to start shopping for a truly younger looking and feeling you, try building your wardrobe from the inside out.


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