Stress Hinders Nutritional Success

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Learning about Nutrition Response Testing and handling my toxicities and nutritional deficiencies saved my life. Naturally, since it worked so well for me, I felt compelled to complete the Advanced Clinical Training program and share it with my practice. Every day I am amazed at just how effective the protocol is at determining underlying causes of ill health. Still, even with this real time information about what a patient can do improve their health, some are still encounter challenges.

It’s interesting to note that when I perform a Nutrition Response Testing organ check on someone who’s just come back from relaxing vacation, the results are consistently better than on someone experiencing high levels of stress. This is true even if the vacationer’s diet isn’t as good as the stressed individual. In fact, I’ve found that, in working with people who are always stressed out, we can never patch all the holes. Every time we handle one situation, another is right behind it. Stress hinders nutritional success.

Why is that?

When we are in a stressed state, much our energy and resources are tied up in survival. In this state we don’t have a lot left for some of the other vital processes of life. We don’t eliminate toxins as effectively. We don’t build new cells as efficiently. It even effects how our brain works. Did you ever notice that when you’re stressed, you are not as loving or as creative? From the brain perspective, stress even deters us from making desired changes and adapting effectively to life’s challenges.

In approaching health and life from a holistic viewpoint, awareness of and enhancing adaptation to stress is essential to truly experiencing wellness. Releasing tension held in our body from ongoing and past stresses is as, if not more, important than any other type of detox.

Tune in next time and we’ll explore how stress hinders nutritional success and how to do a stress detox!


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