Reducing Sugar in the Diet

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One of the biggest challenges people have in overcoming health problems is reducing sugar in the diet.

Yeah, I think we’ve all heard that too much sugar isn’t good for us. And I’m pretty sure most people have figured out, if they’ve tried to stop, that it’s rather addictive. But what harm could a little sugar do? Probably not much but, how much is a little? If you are the average American then you are consuming upwards of one hundred fifty pounds of sugar per year. That’s more than a little. What is a safe amount? Seventy five pounds? Fifty?

I believe that if people truly understood the extent of damage that occurs, and all of the health conditions brought on and exacerbated by their excess intake of sugar, they would sharply reduce the amounts they consume.

Actually, that’s only partly true. It’s a great battle cry for those of us trying to educate the masses but, the reality is that people do lots of things that they know aren’t good for them. There’s got to be something more to it.

Yes, studies have shown that sugar can be as or more addictive than heroin and cocaine, but it has an attribute far worse than either of those.

This one shameful distinction will be the seal of fate for many of the billions with sugar related health problems. If trends continue, diabetes could triple by 2050 affecting one in three. Heart disease will reach 110 million by 2030 leading diabetes, cancer and medical intervention, the other three major causes of death, all aggravated by sugar.

Tune in next time and we’ll talk about this one shameful distinction and a few other reasons why reducing sugar in the diet is so difficult. Stay tuned!







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