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This week a client asked, “How long do I have to keep taking supplements”?

In one form or another, it’s a question I’ve been asked on many occasions. Sometimes it’s about continuing chiropractic care. Sometimes it’s about how long to continue avoiding sugar or other harmful things.

My simple answer is usually, “As long as you want to continue to feel better.”

We’ve all heard the definition of insanity; continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results. But what if we want to continue with the same results? That’s right; continue to do the same thing that is yielding the desired result.

I think most people understand this concept when it comes to exercise.

Yes, but a chiropractor should be able to fix you in a certain amount of visits and then that should be it, right? Theoretically, yes. That is if we have no ongoing physical, postural, emotional or environmental stresses. I haven’t met that person yet.

Do I need to take nutritional supplements? Shouldn’t we be able to get everything we need from our food?

Ideally yes, unless you buy your food in the grocery store or regularly eat processed foods and sugar. The sad fact is that the mainstream food supply no longer provides adequate nutrition to sustain our health.

In order to regain and sustain our health in the modern world, we must employ an ongoing strategy that yields the best results. Chiropractic and nutrition are two of the best things I know to ensure optimal health and well being.


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