More Addictive Than Cocaine

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It has been shown to be as or more addictive than cocaine or heroin. At least that’s what the mice say. But there is something else about it that can make it even harder for the average person to shake.

This white powder is among the most socially acceptable and available drugs in our culture. It was several years ago that I that I recall having that epiphany. My step daughter managed to finagle a soda one afternoon resulting in a seemingly uncontrollable, goofy elation. While her silly behavior seemed strange, it was the crash that occurred forty five minutes later that brought about the true realization. Once she came down from her sugar high, she immediately wanted more.

You may be thinking, “But sugar is not a drug”. Really? Let’s recap; does it change our psychological state? Most definitely. Does it create a physiological change and long term damage? There’s plenty of science to back that up. Is it addictive? I think we all know the answer to that question.

We have a widely available and completely addictive substance that changes our physical and mental state. It’s added to almost all food products and is part of almost all of our social customs and celebrations. If the physiological and psychological addictions to sugar weren’t bad enough, the cultural customs and pressures will ensure continued deterioration of health for millions. As you can probably imagine, it would be difficult for a cocaine addict to quit if he were living with a dealer.

Next time we’ll talk about some strategies the help overcome the social pressures of sugar addiction.


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