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A couple of weeks ago a client, who is also a bee keeper, brought me a jar of honey. Knowing that I’d be abstaining from sugar for a while, I asked weather it would spoil if left too long. She told me that, using their wings, the bees dry the honey to the precise level of moisture which preserves it indefinitely. Each time I hear of one of these miracles of nature, I’m reminded of the awesome orchestration of an intelligently deigned universe.

Before attending chiropractic school, I didn’t think too much about the organizing intelligence of the universe, commonly referred to as God. Then, my third quarter gross anatomy class brought me face to face with a principle that not only shifted my thinking but, shaped my philosophical and vitalistic understanding of life.

This detailed exploration of the human body revealed a beautifully designed, cooperative environment in which each of the approximate forty quadrillion cells contribute to the everyday function we call life: tissues, glands, organs, systems superbly interacting, intricately interwoven and life sustaining. After coming to the realization that this was no accident, I quickly began to see the grand design of all nature.

It wasn’t until I began private practice that I realized our omnipotent architect had fallen short in designing the human being. Could it be that our very blueprint is faulty? Bad genes – That’s the most common answer given to me by clients when asked why they think they are experiencing symptoms. Diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, all written off to poor genetics. How can it be that everybody has bad genes?

A better question to ask ourselves might be what if the doctors are wrong? What if there are other factors other than bad genes contributing to our ailing health?

In addition to genes, we must consider how overwhelming levels of stress and toxicity can impair the full expression of our genetic potential. Recoiling of the DNA double helix when stressed can alter the playbook of the human physiology, resulting in many of the imbalances we then blame on our genes.

Malnutrition is an often overlooked culprit as well. This is, in part, due to the over processing of our food supply to ensure increased production and shelf life. Add to that the mineral depleted soil, pesticides, herbicides, hormones and preservatives and we’re left with the end product containing an ever shrinking percentage of its former nutritional value laced with a plethora of toxic stressors. It is common these days for Americans to overeat themselves into malnourishment.

Corporate brainwashing of the American public through profit motivated education in conjunction with the failure of the FDA to act as an effective custodian of our food supply is resulting in the deteriorating health in each progressive generation. Learned familial and cultural eating habits, healthy or not are passed to our children. If it runs in the family it’s easy to see why it could be easily mistaken for bad genes.

Should there come a time to surrender to the sentence of genetically passed chronic diseases, let it not be before we have explored influencing all the factors that are in our control. Experiencing our full genetic potential requires us to consciously discern information with logic and reasoning, and take the necessary steps toward our own healing. Wellness care consists of detoxifying, nourishing and effective stress adaptation – are you getting it?

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