Lawn Mower Maintenance, Toxicity and Your Health

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I know what you’re thinking. What does lawnmower maintenance have to do with your health? We’ll get there in a minute. First, I’ve got to paint the picture for you.

The repair shop owner was like the soup nazi character in the comedy series, Seinfeld. His no-nonsense style and reputation have built him a loyal clientele. Let’s just say he doesn’t pull any punches.

After he barked at a customer for parking in the wrong area, I inquired as to why my lawnmower was running funny. “I don’t know”. He quickly followed that by telling me that all he does is clean it up, getting rid of any dirt, gunk, build-up and/or bad gas. That takes care of ninety percent of the problems with his customer’s lawn machines.

I immediately understood. We have a very similar philosophy at Monadnock Natural Health. If we help our patients clean out the toxicity and recommend quality whole food supplementation, specific for their needs, ninety plus percent of conditions resolve. No diagnosis needed.

He also went on to say that if people would just maintain their machines properly, they wouldn’t have any problems and they would last a lot longer. I couldn’t agree more.


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