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Last time, we discussed execution as the final of our 5 Steps to Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle. If you find you have been previously unsuccessful at this step it does not mean that you’re simply destined to fail. It more likely means that you haven’t yet found the formula that best fits your individual style. In fact, without even knowing it, you might be sabotaging your own success. Don’t worry. There is a key to achieving your goals.

Most of us have had the experience of doing well at something. If you’ve ever achieved a goal with ease you may have noticed that you had a higher level of energy. Subsequently, when we fail our energy level seems to be very low. But which came first?

One of the most basic principles in physics states that change requires energy. Therefore, raising our level of energy can assist us in achieving the changes that we desire. Great, now how do we do that?

Dr. Donald Epstein came up with a great road map to finding our own personal style of creating change. He calls it Reorganizational Healing. A triad linking perception, behavior and structure make up the foundation of his system. Understanding and optimizing the relationship that each side plays in our personal ability to make or adapt to changes can raise our energy level. It is in this state of heightened energy, our goals can be met with much less effort. And wouldn’t that be nice?

If you haven’t figured out how to make and stick to the healthy lifestyle changes that you desire, don’t give up. Find a health coach or practitioner to help you find the key to achieving your goals and the life you deserve.

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