It Brought Tears to My Eyes

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As I looked around, it was the realization that people from different generations, genders, races and socioeconomic backgrounds, transcended their differences and became one. Nothing else mattered but experiencing the joy of the moment. We didn’t have to find the rhythm. It found us. Expression became stronger than fear and judgment. To feel this was blissful and to observe it brought tears to my eyes. That evening, Dickey Betts and his band brought about something I’ve experienced on many occasions. Only this time I was consciously inspired to write about it.

When I first meet with a new client I do my best to explain that what I do is called an entrainment, not an adjustment or a manipulation. I explain harmonic entrainment as the phenomenon that occurs when you strike a tuning fork and bring a second tuning fork into proximity. The second tuning fork will match the vibration of the first automatically because it is more energy efficient for nature. Consequently, it can be seen all around us. A common example would be school of fish or a flock of birds. It is why we become tense around someone who is already stressed or calm around a peaceful presence. Through the application of Network Care (in the form of light contacts) we are actually entraining the brain to a lower vibration which promotes a physiological change in the body, a change from stress physiology, or defense, into ease or peace. This is a good thing. So…

A couple of songs into the second set I realized it was happening. As I looked around I noticed the wide variety of people enjoying the show. Since Dickey started playing with the Allman Brothers Band in the sixties, the average age ranged from teens to middle aged. There were an endless variety of listeners, each dancing and moving in their own unique fashion. But that’s not what really caught my attention. Although the hundreds of people in the crowd were moving in a manner all their own, each was moving in a synchronous rhythm within the group. Some just swayed slowly while others gyrated with much quicker movements. But it was almost as if there was a net that connected each and every person and all the members of the band. We were collectively entrained to the same vibration or rhythm. If you’ve ever experienced this you don’t have to ask why this was so special. But, have you ever wondered why?

I’ve talked about the concept of being present. It is the time when time doesn’t exist. When there is no concern about the future or worry of the past. It is the moment when you’re awestruck by beauty and observation replaces thought and judgment. It is when healing occurs. Some people achieve it through music, some though meditation, some death defying events and some lovemaking. Complete presence is an unfettered connection to your source, your god or your transcendent self, and is experienced as a state of complete bliss. To achieve this as your perpetual state of being would probably be what they call enlightenment.

It seems a difficult thing to describe but it’s this experience of entrainment that brings about presence and being present that enables you to fully experience the beauty of this phenomenon. I thought to myself, if we could experience this phenomenon as a race, on a global scale it would be heaven. Our mission at The Center for Holistic Health is to help people get to a place where they can experience this presence more often in their lives. A client said to me recently, “you have a great job”. You know what? She was right!


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