How Do We Know if We’ve Lost Our Health?

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Lost Our HealthMany people share with me, during their initial consultation, that they are not sure whether they would be considered unhealthy. They saw an advertisement or attended a webinar and decided to take a small step forward and have a conversation. They don’t really feel bad, at least not as bad as others their age.

It’s kind of normal. Only one or two prescriptions, and the regular over-the-counter stuff that doesn’t really count. “I’m a lot healthier than other people I know,” they say.

How do we decide whether or not we’re healthy? Where do we draw the line?

The truth is, there is no line. I’ve always described health, or wellness, as a continuum.

On one end of the continuum, we get to experience full and glowing health, not merely the absence of disease or symptoms. On the other end is, well, death. Of course, once we get to that end, there’s no more concern. We’re dead. However, there is something we can and will lose on the way toward that end.

That something, is our quality of life. Starting with the things on the other end of the spectrum; Joy, vibrancy, peacefulness, clarity, purpose, etc… Many people have become accustomed to living with out those.

But as our health declines we lose energy and mobility. We don’t sleep well. We experience pain and other physically uncomfortable symptoms. We begin to participate in life less. Hobbies and activities start to fall away. It can put strain on our relationships and our finances. We begin to lose our life – long before we are dead.

How do we know if we’ve lost our health? Ultimately, it comes down to a choice. We get to decide what we want our life to be like. We have a choice. We can either move toward better health or we can go in the other direction. We make this choice in every moment of every day, by our thoughts and our actions. We get to decide.

My recommendation; Choose wisely.

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