How Can Anger Be Good?

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One day not too long ago a client brought me an internet story from ABC news, entitled “Anger Is Good for You” The study, conducted at Carnegie Mellon University ; showed anger may help people reduce the negative impact of stress. At first glance this may seem surprising but, it really makes perfect sense.

I’ve heard people label some emotions, like happiness, joy, love and serenity as “good” and other emotions like anger, depression or sadness as “bad”. The truth is that emotions aren’t good or bad, they just are. Some may be more pleasurable while others are less enjoyable, but all emotions serve a purpose. If they didn’t we wouldn’t have them.

Just today I was discussing with a client the concept of getting a deeper level of connection with her body. She was concerned because at times she had seen other clients in the office, receiving Network Care, have an emotional response. She said, “I don’t want that to happen to me”. She had an idea that it would be a bad thing to have an emotional release.

Not everybody will have an emotional release on the table but if it happens it’s a necessary experience in their healing process. See, emotions are how we move and release energy and that’s good because stuck energy creates disharmony in the body. Plus, when we are “holding it in,” so to speak, we keep ourselves in the stress physiology. I’ve written about the many damaging effects of stress in past articles.

I remember how I felt shortly after the terrorist attack on September 11 th . Between that event and my recent divorce I experienced so many different emotions; many of which didn’t feel so good at the time. However, I don’t remember ever feeling so much on such a deep level before that. Looking back I realize what a healing experience it was for me. It also became much easier for me to express emotions after that.

Emotions are an expression of a psychological, biological and physiological state. By the time you experience the emotion, you’re already in that physiology. The emotion just helps you move that energy.

If you keep experiencing the same emotion habitually then you might want to take a closer look. The real problem is not the emotion; rather it is the mechanism behind why you are continually creating the same ones. One of the objectives of Network Care is to create more flexibility in the body structure which allows for a greater range of emotions and responses. You can read about this in detail in “The Molecules of Emotion” by Dr. Candace Pert. A greater range of expression means a greater depth of the experience of life.

In addition to helping us release energy and experience more depth, emotions, like other symptoms, motivate us to make changes. We change, not because of information, but because we feel. That’s why advertisers use emotions to sell us their products.

So I say, “Express them if you’ve got them”. And to quote Dr. Donald Epstein; “It’s not about feeling better, it’s about better feeling”.


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