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You may be thinking, “Come on Dr. Gene, nothing works 100% of the time.” That all depends upon what your desired goal is.

In the medical world the word cure is used to describe the goal of getting rid of one’s symptoms, once and for all. Medications often meet the goal of suppressing symptoms. More often than not, no cure is achieved. The other downside of this method is that, along with the side effects, underlying poor health is never addressed. In fact, even though symptoms may be suppressed, overall health is actually decreased.

In the holistic or wellness model the goal is always to increase health. No matter what other medicines, modalities or procedures one receives, they will always benefit from an increased level of health. Therefore, if you can apply a natural or holistic solution that increases one’s health, it works, 100% of the time.

I’ve found these three holistic solutions work because a true holistic approach always increase health, 100% of the time.

The first is good nutrition. It has been said that food can be your medicine or your poison. That simply means your body needs the nutritional building blocks found in real, whole and unprocessed foods. Without them, the body breaks down and poor health ensues. Ingesting a diet of primarily processed, nutrient deficient foods, does not provide your body with what it needs to function and repair, and poor health follows.

Supporting a body with good nutrition will always increase our level of health.

The second solution is to detoxify. To detoxify is to get out the toxins or poisons that have accumulated in our bodies. And if you’re thinking, “Maybe I don’t have a lot of toxins in my body,” think again. You do. These poisons cause destruction of the cells, tissues and organ systems resulting in loss of function and poor health.

Reducing toxin levels in the body will always increase our level of health.

The third solution is to live life more at ease. It seems simple enough yet the majority of people live life in a relative stress mode, and they don’t realize the negative impact on their health. Stress will exacerbate any other health issues that you have. This solution can come in many forms including stress management, life enjoyment and even spiritual practices.

Reducing stress and increasing life enjoyment will always increase our level of health.

It should also be noted that ignoring any of theses three will result in a loss of health.


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