Finding The One Doctor That Can Help Me

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In a recent conversation I was paid a great compliment by one of my clients. Let’s call her Lisa. She wasn’t feeling well but I was unable to see her in the office. She was a bit upset and later explained why.

Before finding me a couple of years ago she searched far and wide for a practitioner who could figure out what was really going on with her health. So on that particular day, when I was unable to be in the office, Lisa was not happy.

All those feelings from the past seemed to come right back. You’re the one doctor that can help me, I need Dr. Gene!

While this could be taken as a great compliment to me, the truth is that my ability as a practitioner to find the underlying causes of a patient’s poor health is a very repeatable skill.

See, I work with a system called Nutrition Response Testing which is a set of specific, step-by-step protocols designed to root out the barriers to full and glowing health. This protocol can be easily followed by any practitioner who has been properly trained, giving the patient equally impressive results.

While it is nice being known as the “one doctor that can help me”, I’m not.


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