It’s no secret that most people see a chiropractor when they have neck and back pain. And why not? It works. Not only is it extremely effective in alleviating pain, it gets to the root cause of the pain without the harmful side effects of pain killing medications.

Many people continue to receive chiropractic care even after their pain has subsided. Why?

The most obvious answer is that they don’t want it to return. After all, if we perform routine maintenance on our cars, they tend to break down less and last longer. The same principle applies to the human body.

But there is something else even more compelling for many who receive regular chiropractic care. Before we talk about that let me back up a bit and explain why chiropractic care is so effective for those in pain.

When someone is experiencing pain it simply means that the accumulation of stress has overwhelmed the body to the point that it cannot recover. That stress can come in the form of postural or physical stresses, mental-emotional stress, chemical stress, electromagnetic stress and more.

These stressors can literally cause pressure on the spine and nerve system and lead to pain. Chiropractic care (in our office) uses gentle, specific forces to alleviate that pressure and restore function to the body. The end result is that it is the most effective pain relief available.

But less than 5% of the nerves in the body are for pain, while the remaining 95% coordinate all of the other functions in the body. The same chiropractic care that frees up the 5% also frees up the other 95% as well. That means beyond back pain, the whole body will function better on all levels.

People receiving regular chiropractic care (especially Network Spinal Analysis) function and feel better both physically and emotionally. They adapt to stress better, get sick less often, have more energy and their health improves on all levels. That means their lives improve on all levels too.

It is often the pain that gets people to try chiropractic care but beyond back pain it’s all the other benefits that keep them coming back.


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