Antihistamines – have you read the disclaimers?

Some people simply cannot survive the allergy season without the help of an antihistamine. Unfortunately, there are a host of side effects that go along with the symptom relief they provide.

Let’s start with the three D’s: dry mouth,drowsiness and dizziness.

Not too bad I guess but dizziness is a little scary to me. How about nausea and vomiting? Oh man, I hate nausea but when something can make you vomit, that’s where I draw the line. Let’s move on to trouble urinating, blurred vision and confusion. What is going on inside your body that would cause that?

Disclaimer; Talk to your doctor if you have an enlarged prostate, heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, kidney or liver disease, a bladder obstruction or glaucoma. Also check with your doctor if you are pregnant or nursing.

Okay, well that covers about 90% of the population. Most men will eventually have prostate problems. Heart disease is only the number one cause of death in the country. Do you know anyone with high blood pressure? Thyroid problems –are you kidding me, pandemic. Kidney or liver disease – anyone on regular meds will eventually get there.

And finally, the ingredients are toxic enough to potentially cause harm to a fetus. I put that in the category of poisons.

Why would anybody use something like an antihistamine that has so many possible side effects? Oh, that’s right, living with untreated allergies is miserable.

But what if you could live allergy free without antihistamines?

The vast majority of allergy patients that we see, not only experience relief of their symptoms but a complete resolution of their condition without harmful antihistamines.

How is that possible? It’s simple if you know what to look for.

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