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The beginning of our conversation started like it usually does with small talk and questions like, “What’s new?” “How’s business?” and How’s the weather been?”  Somewhere along the line though, the conversation with my dad turned to the dismal state of affairs in the world today.

We agreed about the many dysfunctions that have come about in our modern world including overuse of medications, toxicity of the environment and genetic altering of the food supply.  He felt it was a result of people turning away from God, while I attributed it to a general lack of connection to our hearts.  One could argue they’re one in the same.

I got the feeling he felt it was a hopeless case.  While I might tend to agree with him on some level, I’ve also notice a slight upward shift in this downward trend.

More and more people are contacting the Center for Holistic Health looking for a different approach to their health and an alternative methodology to their way of thinking about life.  They are beginning to see that most of the symptoms and ailments they experience are the body’s call for a change.  They’re just not always exactly sure how or what changes are needed.

I’ve even seen a shift in the medical community, as well.  In fact, I recently got to know a couple of local medical doctors who understand the limitations of traditions Western medical practices, especially when it comes to stress and lifestyle practices.

Since I’m often asked if I know a medical doctor who is open to alternative and holistic ideas, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce these medical practitioners.

A few months ago I received a call from Dr. Nicholas Beaulieu.  It seems we shared a mutual client whose wife told Dr. Nick about some stress reducing breathing techniques he learned at the Center for Holistic Health.  After meeting with him, I learned he had a background in transcendental meditation.  He said that about thirty to forty percent of the people he sees in his office have stress and anxiety related conditions that require something other than a Western medical approach.

The feeling I got from Dr. Nick, as his patients call him, was that he had genuine concern for his patient’s well being, and that he encourages them to find true solutions to their symptoms.  Dr. Beaulieu practices at Highland Urgent Care / Family Care located at 920 Ponce de Leon Ave. and can be reached at 404-815-1957.

Close to the same time I met Dr. Beaulieu I received a postcard from another medical doctor named Maiysha Clairborne.  Her practice name, “Mind Body Spirit Family Medicine,” caught my attention, so I contacted her and set up a meeting. Dr. Clairborne is a very charming and genuine person. She has dedicated herself to learning many different alternative healing techniques so that she can serve her patients in the best possible manor.  She completely understands the need for a major shift in the current medical model in order to increase the quality of patient care.  Dr. Clairborne can be reached at 678-205-0491


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