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Dr. Gene recommends a combination of gentle, stress relieving chiropractic care, nutritional counseling and high-quality nutritional supplements for your weight-loss program.

The inability to lose and keep off weight is one of the most common complaints my patients tell me. The desire to lose weight drives 108 million American dieters to spend 20 billion dollars annually on weight loss programs. 85% of that 108 million are women. Source: ABC News.

Unfortunately for many, success is challenging to find and fleeting once achieved. In order to reach and maintain a healthy weight the modern dieter must navigate a number of possible pitfalls.

You must realize while excess weight is associated with a number of other health issues, it’s also a symptom of poor health. Poor health simply means your body is losing its ability to function optimally. Like all other symptoms, if you focus only on reducing it without addressing its underlying causes, your weight will likely persist. So even if you do manage to lose a few pounds, the weight finds its way back! Often, they bring a few extra friends and your baseline weight increases with each passing year.

When your clothes start to fit real tight, it usually triggers the, “I’ve got to do something about this quick” alarm. The most obvious reaction is for you to go on “a diet.” Eating well and sustaining a healthy diet is an essential part of good health and weight. But, when you place the letter “a” in front of the word diet, it tends to depict a period of time, after which you return to your previous eating habits.

I often hear, “But Dr. Gene, I eat pretty well and I still can’t lose weight. Of course it turns out that for many, what they thought was a healthy diet was in fact, not.
This past week a patient handed me a protein bar wrapper from a leading weight loss company. The ingredient list was loaded wit

Environmental and Product Pollutants

Beyond these compromised foods, there is no shortage of environmental and product pollutants contributing to our overall toxic load. Personal care products, household cleaners, detergents and medications just to name a few. When your body’s elimination systems become overburdened, toxins are stored in the fat. Throwing a diet Coke, complete with artificial sweeteners into the mix cannot only cause serious health issues, but make it more difficult to lose weight.

Mental Stress

Beyond diet and toxicity level, your mental stress can also contribute to your weight gain. When you are stressed you also tend to turn to food as a coping agent. More stress also means higher levels of the fat holding hormone, cortisol.

Stress, Poor Diet, and Toxicity

In addition to separately contributing to your weight gain, stress, poor diet and toxicity have the collective effect of compromising your glandular function. For instance, if your thyroid gland was toxic, malnourished and overworked, you could develop a condition called hypothyroidism in which reduced thyroid function slows the metabolism and makes it difficult for you to lose weight.

Most people who have difficulty losing weight have a combination of these underlying conditions contributing to their challenge.
At Monadnock Natural Health we take a holistic approach to helping our patients achieve a healthy and sustainable weight. Using a combination of gentle, stress relieving chiropractic care, nutritional counseling and high quality nutritional supplements.


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