A Holistic Diagnosis of Health Problems

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Many patients come to the Center for Holistic Health after they have tried traditional medical treatment, only to find out that their underlying condition remains. They begin to realize that the side effects of the medications are as bad, if not worse than the original condition they were trying to treat.

In the first part of our thorough evaluation we interview the patient to get a detailed history of how they got to this point. Family history, environment, lifestyle, diet, stresses and traumas all contribute to one’s present health. The more information we have the better chance we have of teasing out the underlying contributors to their current state of poor health. One of the specific questions we ask is if they have received a previous diagnosis. Most of the time they have.

High blood pressure, arthritis, fibroids, hypothyroidism and the list goes on. The next thing we ask always seems to draw a blank look. “Did the doctor that rendered the diagnosis give any indication as to why you have this”? We call this the Whats and the Whys. When I was a teen I worked at an auto repair shop. Customers would bring the cars in and the head mechanic would evaluate and give his diagnosis. In his explanation to the customer he would let them know the mechanism of how this happened. For instance, if the tires were wearing unevenly, he would check the alignment, brakes and bearings. In other words, he would find the underlying cause of the uneven tire wear.

The Why. This way, the customer could avoid the same problem occurring again. I find it interesting that a medical diagnosis typically involves categorizing a set of symptoms and giving that set of symptoms a name. That name is the diagnosis or the What. Once this type of diagnosis is given, a medication can be prescribed to cover the symptoms. This is the practice of medicine. At this point the medical establishment has gone as far as to claim ownership of the word diagnosis. In fact, alternative practitioners cannot even use the word.

Given this fact, a holistic diagnosis of health problems isn’t a diagnosis at all. But that’s okay because we are less concerned with the Whats and more concerned with the Whys. A holistic diagnosis is not about giving a patient’s symptoms a name, but rather looking for the underling reasons why they have lost their health. The question we are always asking at the Center for Holistic Health in Decatur, Georgia is why. If you are suffering from chronic poor health and you want to go beyond the what, come see us and find out why.


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