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Every year I hear people talk about the holiday stress.  Although the concept of getting stressed about the holidays seems foreign to me, I understand that people feel pressured about the increased family, financial and time obligations during this season.  Why is it that holidays and stress have become such an automatic scenario?

When you think about it, it’s just another set of days.  If you came from another planet and had no idea that the holidays even existed, you’d have no reason to get stressed. I know I’m over simplifying this, but in reality the only difference is our perception.  Our perception is determined by where we place our focus.

This is true about the holidays and about everything in life.  Instead of focusing on how much our family drives us crazy, we can focus on how much we love them and the reason why we are traveling to see them.  We can give gifts within our means that represent our gratitude rather than our obligation.  We can choose peace over stress realizing that the two are incongruent.

During this holiday season and throughout the year let us focus upon what is truly important and what we would like to see more of in our own lives and in the world.  I would like to wish everyone receiving this email, those who I know and those I don’t, peace, love, gratitude and community.

Have a safe and happy holiday, Dr. Gene


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