5 Potential Toxins in Your Home

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There may be hazardous conditions affecting your family’s health right inside your own home.

When we purchase a home, we like to think of it as a safe haven from all the possible dangers of the outside world. But there may be hazardous conditions affecting your family’s health right inside your own home. Consider this potential toxins:

1. Your Water. After moving into a new home, a patient experienced a re-occurrence of symptoms due to IBS/Crohns, that was in remission. After some investigation I decided to test her water. My hunch was right. The filter on her refrigerator was not removing harmful chemicals that irritated her condition.The water coming into your house is contaminated with toxic heavy metals and chemicals. Without proper filtration, it can be the most prevalent source poisoning your family.

2. Household Cleaners. We all want to keep our home clean and germ free, especially if we have little ones running around. But how safe are the products we use to get the job done? Breathing the toxic fumes from chemical cleaners and air fresheners creates a quick entry into the bloodstream. I can’t tell you how many times children’s skin rashes can be traced back to these exposures. One of the most common poisons I find in testing is heavy chemicals, including bleach, detergents and household cleaners. Proper precautions must be made to limit exposure to you and your family.

3. Pesticides. No one likes nasty little bugs running around the house. So the easiest thing to do is spray. We must remember that these are poisons that can cause health problems for us as well. I don’t believe that anyone would inject these directly into their toddler but, they will crawl on the floor and put their hands in their mouth.

If you are seeking alternatives to insect repellents, household cleaners, and body products,  DoTERRA Essential Oils is a brand that provides exclusive proprietary blends of pure, certified therapeutic grade essential oils, with dozens of recipes and helpful tips on how to replace your toxic products with a safe substitute. Email Kat or call our office for information.

4. Home furnishings. Such as carpets, curtains, wall decorations, and some furniture, may be treated with chemicals and are potentially dangerous. It is important to note that a few days after installation, new carpets emit volatile organic compounds, which are chemicals associated with carpet manufacturing that can be harmful to humans and the environment. Gas and wood stoves and kerosene heaters may also release dangerous chemicals.

5. Building materials. Such as particle board, insulation, asbestos, and treated wood (used for decks and outdoor furniture), can also pose health threats. Some play sets and toys, as well as outdoor swing sets and play grounds, may also be treated with toxic chemicals, made from toxic plastics, or include hazardous materials. The more time that children spend playing in such an environment, the higher their exposure to toxic chemicals, and the greater a risk to their health.

We find a number of health effects can result from toxic chemical exposure, including allergic reactions, asthma, migraines, dizziness, nausea, digestive issues, eye, skin, and respiratory tract irritation, various forms of cancer, and even death. The health effects resulting from exposure depends upon many factors, including how toxic the chemical is and the degree of exposure.

The good news is that you and your family can be tested for these toxicities and can get them out safely and naturally with the help of a qualified practitioner. Don’t allow toxins to take your health.

If you suspect exposure to any of the potential toxins detailed above may be the root of your not feeling well lately, contact us and make an appointment. Peace of mind comes when you know for sure.


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